Rings In My Epoxy

These may help with rings you have in the surface from hot items. However, this will not guarantee they will be gone completely. For best practice, we recommend using coasters and placemats at all times when dealing with hot items.

1. If mobile, roll or move the bar top outside into a covered area, where the outside heat can cure it. Take it outside during the day and bring inside at night. Do this for a few days. This is assuming their outside air temperatures are 85 degrees plus. If their outside temperatures are cold too, then proceed to method

2. Use heat lamps or a small electric heater to put heat on the surface.

With heat lamps, you will need several to cover the entire bar top. Leave the heat lamps on for 4 hours at a time. Remove for 4 hours. Repeat this process for a few days.

With the electric space heater: The best method is to create a plastic drop cloth tent around the bar top. Have a space heater blowing warm air into the plastic tent, the warmer you can get it inside the plastic tent, the better. Do the same 4 Hours ON, 4 hours OFF method for a few days in a row.

When you apply heat, it will temporarily SOFTEN the epoxy. When the epoxy COOLS, it will get harder than it was before the heat was applied. Repeating the heat “On and Off” method is better than leaving the heat continuously.

This problem can be common in houses and restaurants that pour inside and the tables are kept air conditioned all the time. Also common in people that build bars in their basements. It’s always cold and the epoxy can never reach its peak hardness without extra heat being applied.

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