Constructing a Temporary Dam

If your application calls for a temporary dam to be constructed it must be done with great care to ensure it can be removed after the epoxy is cured. You can use 2x4 or any sturdy straight pieces of wood covered in Tyvek Tape You'll want to make sure you cover the entire front face of the board to ensure you don't have any exposed wood for the epoxy to touch, otherwise, it will not remove flawlessly.

You will also want to fill your seams between your boards to keep epoxy from flowing out between your project and between the dams. You can use silicone caulk for this to allow for easier removal later on.

Another method for doing bar tops, tabletops and countertops are to let the epoxy flow over the edges. Our UltraClear epoxy is formulated so that you can pour it right over the edge of a surface without having a border or a raised edge all the way around.

You will simply put down some 2mil painters plastic so that you don’t get epoxy on your floor. The epoxy will self-level on the surface of the bar and drip over the edges coating the sides. You will want to pour it deliberately so that the sides get coated really good. After the epoxy hardens, you can come back and sand underneath any hardened epoxy that has formed. The epoxy will not hang down like icicles as it will go over the edges and under the lip about 1/4” to 1/2”.

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